Anonymous asked:

what do you mean kangwoo can just be an imagination?


i don’t wanna spoil or be a poop or anything but i’m really bothered by it, i read this thing on twitter image

and if you think of it, so far, kangwoo doesn’t seem to have any friends or any family or any people that recognized his presence, EXCEPT jo insung, and jjo insung’s leading lady is a psychiatrist, so if you have watched shutter island then you can relate this.

i don’t want to think over it because it’s just a speculation after all but it really makes sense, jo insung’s books are more or less about depression and sad things and stuff, and that handkerchief on kyungsoo’s wrist might be really a sign that he also cuts, again, this is just a speculation so let’s just enjoy the drama and support him whatever the plot is! anyway i love this drama already